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SunShader 2.5

Laptop sun shade, anti-glare heat shield & privacy screen



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  • Laptop Sun Shade
  • Laptop Heat Shield
  • Laptop Privacy Screen
  • Splash Hood
  • 2 Sizes: M and L
  • Protects Battery Life
  • Soft Flexible Clips
  • Work From Anywhere™
  • Laptop Sun Shade
  • Heat Shield
  • Privacy Screen
  • Umbrella Hood
  • 2 Sizes
  • Protects Battery
  • Universal Clips
  • Work Anywhere™

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View our Size & Compatibility Chart to get correct size.

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SunShader 2.5 has more shade, a better fit, and padded rubber clips.

SunShader is the anti-glare laptop sun shade, heat shield and privacy screen. It protects your laptop from the sun, so you can see your screen clearly in direct sunlight, while preventing your device from overheating, which maximizes the long-term battery life of your laptop. SunShader protects your device from rain and unexpected splashes, and doubles as a privacy shade keeping your work (or your team's work) private while working outside and while traveling and in public spaces!

Sizing: Use the sizing chart on this page to get the correct size for your laptop.

SunShader folds down into your bag and uses our proprietary, rubberized clips to attach to the edge of your screen. Customer feedback has been amazing, and we can't wait to see where you use yours, from coffee shops, co-working spaces or with your friends on campus, the beach, the pool, your backyard or balcony. From airports, airplanes or AirBnBs. Inside by the bright office window, or outside in the field.

Designed in Austin, Texas, SunShader is patented in the U.S, China, Japan and Korea and is Patent Pending in UK, Europe, Canada and most other countries worldwide.

Use SunShader on your laptop no matter where you are
  • See your laptop screen clearly in direct sunlight. SunShader will shield your screen from the sun, allowing you to focus and work efficiently outside.
  • Heat shield prevents your laptop from overheating in intensely hot sunlight. In doing so, your laptop will run smoothly and the long term battery life of your device is maximized by preventing it from overheating.
  • Privacy screen keeps your work (or your employees' work) private from nosey neighbors, whether you're working on airplanes, trains, in cafes or co-working spaces.
  • Umbrella hood keeps light rain, bird poop and other unexpected splashes from ruining your valuable laptop.
  • Designed for the millions of people now working remotely, and those who like the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere.
  • Folds flat into your bag. Flexible clips attach to edge of your screen. Durable leather exterior and black microfiber inside creates black-out zone while protecting your device.
  • Sizing: SunShader comes in 2 sizes. Most laptop manufacturers quote the diagonal screen size. However, you must measure the horizontal width of your laptop to order the correct size. If your laptop is 11" to 13" (28cm to 33cm) wide you'll need the Medium size. If your laptop is 13.1" to 15" (34cm to 38cm) wide requires the Large size SunShader.
  • Work from anywhere with the ultimate laptop sun shade & privacy screen.
  • U.S. Patent No. 10,963,010 and Patent Pending in 39+ countries worldwide.
Size Chart - medium
Order Medium if you have:
SunShader Size Chart - Large
Order Large if you have:
Apple Macbook 12", Macbook Air, Macbook Pro 13" and 14" Macbook Pro 15" and 16"
HP HP 13" and 14" Laptops HP 15" and HP 16" Laptops
Dell XPS 13”, Latitude 13" and 14", Dell 13" and 14" Models Inspiron 14" & 15", Latitude 15", Dell 15" Models
Microsoft Surface Surface Pro X, Laptop Studio Surface Laptop 3 and 4, Surface Book 1, Laptop SE, Surface Book 2 and 3
Lenovo Not compatible Not compatible
Acer / ASUS 13" and 14" Models 15" and 16" Models
Chromebook 13" Models 14" Models
All other brands/models Most 12", 13" and 14" Models (diagonal screen size) Most 15" and 16" Models (diagonal screen size)
Fits laptop WIDTHS* of: 11" to 13" (28 to 33cm) wide 13.1" to 15" (34 to 38cm) wide
* Most laptop models quote the diagonal screen size, not width.
Returns Guarantee

SunShader™ Promise with 30 Day Returns

SunShader customers enjoy cheap worldwide shipping, 30 day returns and prompt, friendly and helpful support from our Customer Delight team, located in Austin, Texas. If you have any questions regarding your order, or need to return it, simply contact our team using the Live Chat feature in the bottom right, or email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mike B
Universal problem, solved

I've traveled the world, worked in all sorts of different locations and always faced the same problem.... that my laptop just does not work well if I am anywhere except indoors. They solved the problem in a compact, trendy design that looked effortlessly cool. Thank you again - i cannot say enough good things!

Michael Stovall
Sun Shader Sample

We loved the sample that was sent to us and will definitely push the product to our clients.

Michelle Mercado

Easy to take on and off, works great & definitely has different people walk by saying “i need that!” - yes, yes you do!

Graham Thurgood
Works great!

Got my SunShader quickly after I ordered it. I’m a digital nomad and was planning a three month trip to Central America. I needed a way to to work outside and the SunShader gave me that opportunity.
It quickly and easily clips onto my laptop to provide instant shade from the sun and protection from the heat. I have a touchscreen monitor and I was worried the clips might affect it, but they don’t.
I threw my SunShader in my backpack, hopped on a plane, and now I use it every day out in the Costa Rican sun.

Hannah M
Awesome Product

Anyone who does not leave a 5 start review for this product is crazy. It fits my laptop like a glove and does exactly what it's supposed to. Works well and looks smart. I get a lot of compliments using it.

SunShader 2.5

SunShader 2.5


Was: $59 |You Save: $10 (17%)