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SunShader 3

SunShader is the ☀️ laptop sun shade, 🔥 heat shield and 👀 privacy screen enabling you, and your team, to work from anywhere!



💻 ☀️ 🌧️ Why do Laptops SUCK Outside?!

Sunlight diminishes your screen's visibility and overheats your device in minutes, shutting it down & killing the long-term battery life. And while privacy is crucial to most businesses, laptops ironically expose your projects to the world.


Work Efficiently From Anywhere!

SunShader® shields your device from the sun, so you can see your screen clearly, while preventing it from overheating. It keeps your work private and can be custom-branded for promotional swag. Achieve that perfect work/life balance with SunShader!

🏞️ ✈️ 🏝️ Productive teams get outside

Getting outside is proven to boost your mood and your productivity. With SunShader, work from roof tops, coffee shops, co-working spaces or with your friends on campus. From the beach, the pool, your backyard or balcony, from airports, airplanes & AirBnbs! SunShader actively supports mental wellbeing.

Swag just got swagger.

Give your customers, employees, partners and executive hires a truly practical yet eye-catching piece of promotional merchandise complete with your brand story, they'll never forget! Contact us for pricing and more info.

ASI Central No. 90171