SunShader 2

Laptop sun shade, anti-glare, heat shield & privacy screen
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Size: M
Size Chart
SunShader Size Chart
• Measure your laptop width. Do not refer to diagonal screen size.
• Laptops usually quote diagonal screen size instead of width.
• For example, a Macbook Pro 13 is actually 11.5” wide.

Compatible examples:

Size Chart - medium
Order Medium if you have:
SunShader Size Chart - Large
Order Large if you have:
Apple Macbook 12, Macbook Air 13, Macbook Pro 13 and 14 Macbook Air 15, Pro 15 and 16
HP HP 13" and 14" Laptops HP 15" and HP 16" Laptops
Dell XPS 13”, Latitude 13" and 14", Dell 13" and 14" Models Inspiron 14" & 15", Latitude 15", Dell 15" Models
Microsoft Surface Surface Pro X, Laptop Studio Surface Laptop 3 and 4, Surface Book 1, Laptop SE, Surface Book 2 and 3
13" and 14" Models
15" and 16" Models
Acer / ASUS 13" and 14" Models 15" and 16" Models
Chromebook 13" Models 14" Models
All other brands/models Most 12", 13" and 14" Models (diagonal screen size) Most 15", 16" & 17" Models (diagonal screen size)
Fits laptop widths* of: 11" to 13" (28 to 33cm) wide 13.1" to 15" (34 to 38cm) wide
Measuring laptop width is much more accurate than using the diagonal screen size.
Color: Dove Grey
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Customer Reviews

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Srinivasan Rajagopalan
Good Product. Good Customer Service

I am an outdoor person and work a lot from outdoor like Park, Beaches etc. Bright sun was always an issu. Even if I keep my screen brightness at 100% , it was a straiin to look at the screen.
I searched online and came across this product and ordered immediately. Unfortuantely the package got lost in Shipment. I contacted the customer support and they helped to file a claim and ship a replacement item. It took some time for me to figure out how to put on the clips. Once I have learnt it, it was breeze. Now I am able to work outdoor for long hours without eyestrain and also the laptop battery lasts longer as it is at low brightness

Excellent Sunshade, it fits my laptop perfectly.

This sunshade fits my HP ENVY laptop perfectly. It seems to be sturdy and well made.

Better visibility outdoors

This is a great product to use outdoors whether you're in the sun or in the shade. It reduces the ambient glare on the screen for better visibility, especially if the sun is above or anywhere in front of the display. This works on a cheap HP laptop with a 15" display intended to eat sand. Minimizing the amount of bright colors directly in front of the screen (shirt, skin, ambient environment, etc) is still necessary as they reflect onto the display.

- An issue with this shader is that it becomes a wind catcher. Mild gusts of wind will move the screen backward, and without hands placed on the laptop it will blow back.
- Slightly odd shape when folded but still easily fits into my backpack and laptop bag.
- Feels like a good quality product.
- If some force is applied to sections of the parts of the shader like in a backpack it will hold a different shape rather than perfectly flat. It's easy enough to bend back into a flat shape, and feels sturdy otherwise.

Overall very happy with the Sun Shader.

Laura Uribe
I needed this years ago!

I love my sun shader! I'm currently at the beach working––my computer is not overheating and I can see the screen. Fits my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020) great and has a space on the flaps for chargers to fit. This is great, now I just need a power bank and you'll never see me in the office again :)

Liraz Azulay
excellent quality

pls send invoice ASAP

Thanks Liraz, pleased you like your SunShader. You should have received your invoice by email :)