How it Began

Inventor Alex Griffin had a bright idea when he realized how badly his laptop reacted to the effects of the sun. While attempting to work on a Brooklyn roof deck in peak summer, it became glaringly obvious that laptops, tablets and their screens do not work well in direct sunlight. The glare from the sun diminishes your view of the screen, while overheating your device and preventing it from working in a matter of minutes!

The existing options were to (a) put your device in a cardboard box, (b) sit entirely in the shade or (c) use one of the clunky, poorly designed existing sun shades which were not only expensive, but which typically used elastic to attach to your screen. The elastic would cover over your apps and was incredibly tricky to attach, and then wouldn't stay connected if it was windy. It emerged that nobody had solved the problem properly. Then, in March 2020, the Covid-19 crisis caused a huge shift in people moving from offices to working from home. It was clear that this was the time to develop the concept, evolve the design and get it production ready for a new way of working, so SunShader™ was born as the ultimate sun shade, heat shade and privacy shade for your laptop or tablet.

SunShader™ is successfully patented in the U.S. and Patent Pending in over 30 countries worldwide.

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